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Rigoth comes from an old fortress in Eilondi that has long since crumbled in upon itself due to internal and external pressures.  Rigoth's tale appears to be the classic tale of a humble dwarf that lost his home and is just merely trying to survive in a cold, dark world.  However, Rigoth is very quick to change the topic when people begin to question his past.  A dwarf with as many memories as wrinkles, may have a secret or two that he is unwilling to share.

However, Rigoth strongly believes in teamwork and complete cooperation in situations and acknowledges that a lack of either can lead to the end of any group.


He is somewhat skinny when compared to the average Dwarf. His hair is clean-shaven, and has a face of a Dwarf.  His face looks as if someone rolled his face around a couple of times and it stuck that way.

Rigoth is very slow to tire and quick to recover but is quite clumsy.

Rigoth has good intuition but has a shortage of patience, an iffy memory, and a poor ability to fully understand or manage social relationships.

It usually takes a lot to discourage Rigoth, however lately he has been beaten down. He tends to be self-conscious, especially about his past. He occassionaly over-indulges in food and is considered a risk-taker. Rigoth is very guarded in relationships with others and finds social rules, or rules in general, to be very confining.

Rigoth loves to drink and party - however has not had a chance to do either recently.


Rigoth currently is confused and overall frustrated by his fellow party members.  He remembers hiding in a cart full of fruit, then suddenly flying through the air.  He remembers fighting his way out of the cart to see one of his party member struggling with a great beast.  Rigoth began to charge to the beast, expecting his allies help, just to get pinned to the ground and beat mercillessly while his "friends" just stood around and watched.  Rigoth, confused and dazed, sees only his friends going different paths. 

Yet again, Rigoth feels alone - a feeling he had hoped not to have to face again.  Rigoth is heavily deciding to leave, With everyone caught in their own selfish ways, unwilling to cooperate or understand- what could this party even accomplish together with such a lack of civility? He will return to his destroyed fortress to finally face what awaits him there.  There is no more hiding from his past. No friends to help him. Rigoth can not trust people that have such a lack of concern for others.