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            Mia was born into life of poverty. Her father was a bowyer and her mother an assistant weaver. Having two older brothers, she was always taken care of and felt secure. The surrounding nobles constantly fighting over wealth had allowed it for the surrounding peasants and farmers to pay minimal taxes as the nobles were attempting to win the people over to their side.

             These nobles would constantly battle each other in secluded skirmishes, whether for their pride or the pursuit of title. One of these random skirmishes was near Mia’s family, where her father intervened to protect his family. Because of this bold act, Mia’s father was murdered along with his wife and two sons. Mia had been able to escape when the second oldest of the two brother pushed her through the back door to run into the woods for safety.

            After days of starvation, Mia stumbled upon a grove where she was rescued and raised by a group of druids. These druids had raised Mia with the understanding that these cities and empires results only in death and destruction. These kingdoms not only threatened the woodlands, fauna, and animals but also their own lives. They not only continue to kill each other, but lose themselves in politics and materialism.

            The balance of life must be maintained, and the influence of politics and kings only inhibit this as they take what they want without consideration to others. This recklessness is to be either avoided, or taken care of.

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