Coastal TownEdit

Djembe is the third biggest city in Eilondi.  It is a coastal town, bordering the Grey Sea, as well as being a pivot point between the vast grasslands and tangled forests.  It's population is 75% human, 15% elf, 5% dwarf, and 5% other, reflecting the diversity of the region.  It is primarily inhabited by lower and middle class salesmen, and for a portion of the year, farmers coming to the city to sell their product.  Djembe is one of the centers of the trade in the region, having the biggest port in the country of Eilondi.  As a result, there exists a strong military presence.

Unlike many cities, the middle class part of Djembe exists on the docks, as it is the landing place of foreign vessels.  Merchants are permitted to peddle their product on the docks, but they are kept under strict supervision by the constant guard presence.  Exploring the miles of coastline to the side of the main docks reveals a plethora of shadier dealings; places for a ship to come to shore unmolested by customs, and a strong presence of local farmers and merchants.